TAAG's Mission, Members, Board of Directors, and Address

Our Mission

TAAG is a non-profit and non-political organization that promotes and organizes charitable, social, educational, and cultural activities. Our mission is to cultivate a close relationship among Tsinghua alumni in Georgia and around the world, to get involved in the Georgia communities by conducting social and charitable activities, to promote the cultural exchanges between China and the United States, and to help new students and other new comers to ease their transition to a new life in Georgia.

Board of Directors (May 2012 - April 2013)

President: Su Bo ղ (678) 234-7636 bosu2003@yahoo.com

Vice President: GAO Bo ߲ (404) 510-0542 bo.gao1@gmail.com
Vice President: LIN Wei (720) 939-1729 wlin@jiahost.com

General Secretary: LI Huiming (678) 799-6003 huiming_li@yahoo.com
Treasurer: Chen, Yuansheng Է (678) 584-0345 chen@chenxiao.us
Legal Counsel: LU Xiaoyun ¬ (404) 786-4573 luxiaoyun@gmail.com
Webmaster: HUANG Yongjun ¾ (678) 938-1969 yongjunhuang@gmail.com

General Board Members:
All of the above and
CAI, Yixin
DING Xiaoyu
FU Xiannong ũ
Gulinar (678) 908-1387 gulinar@comcast.net
Guo Zhisong ־ (770) 619-0395 zhisong.guo@gmail.com
HAN Baoshan ɽ (404) 579-1668 baoshanhan@gmail.com
JIANG Sijuan ˼ (678) 475-0767 sijuanjiang@yahoo.com
LOU Yuang ¥ (770) 379-0632 yuang_lou8@yahoo.com
LU Shengkai ¬ (678) 474-9242 shengkai.lu@cingular.com
QU Hongyi
XIAO Chunpeng Ф (404) 310-1354 xiao@gatech.edu
XUE, Mei Ѧ÷
YANG Shangqing shangqingyang@yahoo.com
ZHAO Xin (404) 384-1993

Advisory Board Members:
HUANG Jianzhong ƽ (678) 516-3465 jz_huang@yahoo.com
PAN Yi (678) 566-4098 pan@cs.gsu.edu
WANG Huijun
WANG June q (770) 630-9368 june@junewang.com
XIAO Yu Ф (678) 591-7298 yale@pingmortgage.com
ZHANG Ping Ƽ (678) 468-9886 ping@pingmortgage.com

Our Members

TAAG welcomes all who are interested in Tsinghua, and the membership is by no means limited to graduates and current and former staff/faculty members of both Beijing and Hsin Chu campuses. Anyone who agrees to TAAG's charter and bylaws may be admitted as a member.

TAAG is recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. This status grants tax benefit to donors for donations to TAAG.

Our history goes back to November 1995. We welcome you to explore this site to find out more about TAAG, including our current board of directors. Please join us and help to build this unique community of Tsinghua alumni and friends in Georgia.

Thank you for visiting to our web site! If you have any comments, please let us know.

Our Postal Address

Tsinghua Alumni Association of Georgia (TAAG)
P. O. Box 2251
Alpharetta, GA 30023-2251

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