TAAG Fall Picnic Another Success

Date 1999/10/18 13:00:00 | Topic: TAAG News and Announcements

Dear TAAG Alumni:

With a fabulous sunny and warm weather, our Fall picnic and welcome party at Stone Mountain Park turns out to be another success.
Between fifty and sixty people showed up, including eight new students from GaTech and one professional who just moves in town. TAAG current president Dr. DONG Xiaoyuan briefly introduced TAAG and its mission. Dr. HUANG Jianzhong and Dr. CHEN Mingquan shared with us their recent trips to China. As "advertised", the "Climb the Stone Mountain" race was full of fun. Mr. LIU Zheng, a civil engineer living in Sandy Spring claimed the title of the race --- the number two place, second only to a five-year-old boy, William Xiao, by a few feet. Congratulations to Mr. LIU. We would send you a certificate as soon as we learn to fake the signature of the current president of Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Thanks go to those of you who have been with us and we hope to see all others in our next event.

Tsinghua Alumni Association of Georgia

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